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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. we are live again in napa a significant after shock hit the american canyon area, several people are calling into our
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newsroom, twitter several people were awakened an upcoming up in two minutes, we are looking live it is heartbreaking to see the damage home and a lot of people do not have earthquake insurance. >> that is right. we are covering more on what the city of napa is doing to help people. good morning, it is tuesday august 26th, i am dave clark. >> let's check weather and traffic. steve is right over there. a lot of people, san bruno felt it, and they said my dog is barking and we felt it up here too. low clouds are in place, and the low is giving us the cool down, they dropped in paid a visit, shower activity and hail into parts of nevada and it is
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not strong enough, more 50s here and and napa, 59 foster city, and 55 in menlo park and to if you are taking the dog out, that is a big drop and it is assure sign temperatures will drop, napa, a little component of westerly, burning man is okay today for weather. fog will burn off sooner than it did yesterday and a little warmer, 80s and some 70s, here is -- 70s, here is sal. as we look at 580 westbound you can see traffic is getting
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into the area and we also want to mention traffic is detoured in vallejo because of some seismic activity and there was a building not safe in vallejo. we have a detour in the area and if you go there are 18 minutes, traffic is filled in quite a bit as you drive through and now if you are driving out to highway to 680 we talked about the sunole grade and traffic still looks good much better than yesterday, let's go back to the desk. and couple of after shocks hit the area, several were called into the newsroom and many of them are waking up and they just spoke to a woman who
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came running out of her apartment this morning. >> they came running out of my apartment. any little jolt gets me nervous because we were quite shaky. >> many have reported they have felt the after shocks this morning and they were felt as far as san jose, walnut creek and concord. and city leaders say there is progress in recovering from sunday's big quake. water service should be fully restored within the next couple of days. they have remained red tagged and these are live pictures, some of the damage hundreds of other buildings had light or damage and those need to be checked. >> they are separated from the
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structure and they could be chimneys that could have fallen and they can be occupied. >> they include a 13-year-old boy who was hit by a crumbling chimney, he is expected to make a full recovery. and he will get a firsthand look, mayor's office said they will be there to offer help and he is looking to learn some important lessons to respond to disasterrers. and they are reminding everybody, get ready for the next big quake. some stores are seeing a run on things like water and batteryies and first aid kids.
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they have seen them and that has led them to buy emergency supplies at the hardware store in milpitas. they are buying propane and furniture and the sporting good stores are also busy, employees have been restock being with similar items. they have been getting dozens of phone calls and e-mails when they are asking what items they should have on hand for big quakes. >> when that happened in napa, it was tragic. many people were not prepared and they didn't think it was going to help. many done think it will happen to them. >> red cross is asking that you
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have emergency supplies. and get toiletries to last up to four days. and you need to notify loved one you are safe incase you are separated from a disaster. ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are following news out of san francisco and after an early morning fire we show you an excuse any of fire. they believe this fire started here and we just got this video and you can see the flames going well there and it is somebody who is not being evacuated and everybody got out safely so that is the good news this morning and the couple
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that lives next door to the gas station, it was their dogs, candy the pit bull, 2
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morning news. and tara, before you go, can you tell if it's going to affect people getting to city college, how close is it to the college? >> we are on the other side of the freeway and it is on the southern part, 280 is on the northern part and there is always traffic if you are getting on to ocean. and if they are not really blocking traffic it is for people who go to city college other otherwise. 6:09 new numbers are out. homicides fell almost 21%. the number of reps are up and
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aggravated assaults -- rapes climbed for aggravated assaults overall serious crimes are down by 9%. time now 6:09 a wrapper arrested days after a deadly shooting at a bay area concert, tell us what police discovered on a different tour. they did a lot of damage to wineries and some say the timing of that quake was really a blessing. good morning we are still looking at a commute which is getting busier and more cars are joining us, we will tell you more about this commute. it will be warmer out there and yes, a couple of after shocks, 2. 7 and 3.9.
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. they were sent to the canyon and several call told report the shaking, definitely tweeting us about their experience as well. the biggest after shock a 3.9 magnitude which hit almost 45 minutes ago. this is the strongest since
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sunday's earthquake. no reports of any damages and alex savage is talking with people who felt this sin certainly their nerves are rattled and we will check in with him in just a little bit. the napa teen is expected to make a full recovery. nicholas dylan fractured his pelvis during a sleepover with his friend. he will spend the next few months with him and injuries could have been much worse had he not scrambled away from that crumbling chimney. >> he was not good enough to move completely out of the way but he moved enough. >> he endured a 10 hour operation to repair his crushed pelvis and fortunately his spine was not injured.
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we found several crumbled chimneys near the epicenter especially near the old town neighborhood. mike thompson says funding for the department of transportation that will help for bridges and roads damaged by the quake. that caused a lot of surface cracking on roads including highway 121, the repair cost is expected to top $10 million. and wineries tourists are cleaning up after the damage after the quake. i can see the mess created at the winery. they are estimating their losses are $100,000 and however there is a silverling for this and two others.
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>> a lot of the tanks were empty but the napa valley said 80 percent of wineries were not affected by the quake. and we will tell you much more throughout the morning. >> you can see the most powerful photos from the quake. >> and they are asking for a reason homicide to come forward. jack from oakland was found lying in a green way park on friday night. he was suffering from two stab wounds and he was taken where his brain was hemorrhages. they declared him dead and he is still on life support because he is an organ donor, no arrests have been made. and it led to the arrest of
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20 people including suspected state -- suspended state senator leland yee. they received arrest which was reportedly the property of the sheriff's' deputy who is currently under investigation. choice faces another round. another magnitude 2.8 after shock and we have had three this morning and it is just a short period of time and the latest one, 6:12 a.m. and it was a magnitude 2.8 and we will let you know what keeps happening as soon as we know. >> sal, i lived there during that time and i remember the days and weeks afterwards and it's really unnerving. >> i was covering the world
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series that day and they sounded like old people. i know we are. >> and was that an american canyon? >> we are not sure just yet. >> yes . okay, good, 2.8 at 6:12 and that's good to know, thank you very much, let's go out and take a look at what we have with the east shore freeway and we will start with 880 west and a lot of them didn't feel a thing and you can't really know, already it is sold out meter willing lights are on and i want to mention they are closed in vallejo because the building that is closed a long one of the those stretches is considered not safe. they are leaving vallejo on the way towards marin let's go to
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steve. thank you sir, and there we are. trying to do too much. that's okay, though. >> boy,ing this they stuck around and temperatures dropped off and they were far below average coast and bay, what are you talking about, it is slightly above. let's take a look at those after shocks, we had 3 and 35 minutes, 2. 7 and the 3.9 was all around the american canyon they will still be below but inching closer. it should be closer to 86 and we will go 79 today. there are a couple of upper 0s and 50s, that is not something we see much of. there is a low which gave us a
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cool down. we have severe weather up in nevada and it is moving out rapidly on his way to salt lake city 50s more so than 60s and san jose, cooler temperatures and 49 so the cool air a lot of came dropping down into northern california and heelsberg calistoga 54 and a cooler morning here. it is tailing off. and san diego now it keeps it offshore and and monterey is
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one degree warmer than sacramento fog sunnies, and 82 and 83, book ends on santa rosa and san jose. warmer on wednesday and it looks warm to hot thursday and friday and it's a little cooler as we go into the weekend. apple is offering to replace it for iphone 5 and the phones are defective, apple said that could mean a shorter battery life and all of the if he canned phones -- all of the affected phones for january of last year, apple users have the effected serial numbers. and just minutes ago, on prices for homes, it shows prices were up 1% in june and that's the th month in a row, but for the first time since
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early 2008, growth slowed in all 20 states. vallejo, we have a lot of affects which definitely felt like the after shock in vallejo. >> time 6 1, the plane was diverted and the prohibited items which led to police being called. but first celebrating television and the touching tribute to robin williams.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. yet another after shock in the napa area, this latest 2.8 and it hit just a short time ago, the largest of this morning's after shocks at 2. 9, that was at 533 and it is the strongest earthquake. many say the shaking woke them up and alex savage was in the area where people felt the shaking and really on edge is what he tweeted out and we will have a a live report coming one him at 6:30.
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the television show breaking bad ended months ago but last night it was a big thing at the isn't my awards dark emmy awards. >> and the winner goes to breaking bad. it won 6 emmies, brian crabton, walter white and the show won for best supporting actor and best supporting act threat and best drama directing. the emmys took a sadder turn when billy crystal paid tribute to his long time friend robin williams. >> it's very hard to talk about him in the past because he was so present in all of our lives. for almost 40 years he was the brightest star in the comedy galaxy. he was the greatest friend you can ever imagine.
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robin williams committed suicide two weeks ago at his home. there were others loren backel and casey casen. and that list reminds us of a snapshot of how the incoming class views the world. the wire recommended glasses mean harry potter, not john lennon and to give give you a perspective, celebrity selfies, they don't need it, press pound on the phone and that's now hash tag. 6:27:20 people are forced out of their homes after a fire near city college, how they played a role in getting people to safety.
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once again, they are shaking after a series of after shocks, this after they try to clean up and we will show you about the inspection work that has to be done. we are still looking at traffic which is getting busier around the bay, we will give you a drive time. cooler weather to ease into and in 40 minutes, the strongest .9 at 3:30 a.m.
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i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use...ns. which means managing water too, (roar) especially during a drought. learn to save water and money at . good morning, we have been telling you breaking news after several a after shocks hit the napa area, this one 3.9 hit and alex savage is in napa and he
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speaks to somebody who was really shaken up. he comes in just a few minutes from now. stay tuned. welcome to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, i am david clark. alex is tweeting a lot of people are on edge and he has been through an earthquake and you are keep being an eye on the after shocks as well. the strongest was 5:33 and there is noticeable breaks in it and it was really extensive and it will burn off sooner even though it is making a pretty good push and the low is now moving fast and taking cloud cover with it and behind that you get more of a northerly breeze even though even at the surface we have a lot more and i have seen it and it is cool here this morning and brentwood 58 caster valley 56 lafayette and there is a
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chill in the area. the breeze is okay but nothing compared to what seed. everything is calming down and that severe weather is mostly done. fog sunnies, it will be -- fog, sun, nice and slightly above coast and bay. here is sal. traffic is not really affected by any of the seismic activity, it is really a novelty with the traffic and it is backed up especially in richmond and el cerrito and berkeley and on 580 to the mark art maze and -- mcarthur maze and it is about a 15 to 20 minutes wait in the area and it's not quite as bad as it was. in vallejo and sonoma boulevard, that is closed between florida and capital
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streets. i should also mention, it will be slow leading to the area. as. >> in the napa area, the largest hit about an hour ago at 5:33. the after shocks were centered right where the original earthquake hit. several viewers calling into the newsroom reported feeling the after shocks and we are getting a lot of information on our feeds. we spoke to a woman who came running out of her apartment and she is definitely on edge still suffering from injuries from the earthquake. >> there is another earthquake to me, that is not just an after shock. >> that is how many people feel. they felt those after shocks this morning and they felt them as far away as san jose, walnut creek and even concord.
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cool people are just beginning to recover from the 6.0 quake. the latest shaking has people on edge. >> reporter: it does, one woman told me her nerves are already shot and now those after shocks are nerve wracking and a lot of people ran out their homes. they are still working on recovery and city inspectsers are trying to find buildings that need to it be red tagged. that includes businesses and homes like this one and look at the damage there, this was just jolted off of its rotation and city inspectors are expected to grow. st. john the baptist church came through and they held a prayer service outside.
6:35 am
along with all of those red tagged buildings, they are yellow tagged and those places have less severe damage with shattered windows. because inspections are still ongoing, there is no overall damaged estimate yet and that figure is important to help bring in federal aid. they are keeping to get federal aid and small business loans that these people will need to get started and they are a little bit in limbo until we get that declaration. >> power has been restored to water service and the quake has more than half still needs to be repaired and they still have running water. now they are trying and they
6:36 am
want to secure those buildings and make sure they are safe in the near future. one of 70 buildings throughout the napa area ed lee. he will be coming close and is expected to arrive, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and public schools in napa will be closed for a second day in a row and they are still checking the safety of several campuses following the quake. so farther two thirds of the district schools and they found a lot of the broken lights and damaged equipment. so far, though no structural dam. >> we are just like everybody
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else. the district says classes are allowed and yesterday they showed up on campus to help clean up all the earthquake damage. here is the cleanup effort on the school's page and the earthquake shattered some windows and made a mess with some of the classrooms but no major damage. >> just south including a church and they will consider a state of emergency for vallejo and some of the other areas are hit hard because of the quake. we will tell you more all throughout the morning and you can go to our channel 2 website where you can see some of the most powerful pictures from
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that quake. we are following breaking news, 23 people are now looking for a new place to live after an early morning college. tara has exclusive video. here they are and they can wait to be safely transported t- 1 got out and shared this cell phone video with us. it took crews a half hour to get the flames under control. the fire broke out at an auto shop gas station. one couple credits their dog for saving their lives. his pit bull started barking and meanwhile people who live on the other side of a gas station had to be evacuated as
6:39 am
well. >> from the gas station we had oils and other chemicals and hydraulic flew -- hydraulic fluids got contaminated into the water and it started flowing down the middle of the street. >> firefighters say everything got out but pg&e crews came out. really was not that big of a deal where it the mount any headquarters is. we are just told, they are waiting to get into hotels and they will be taken by cab and they will free up this bus so they can get back into service for the morning commute. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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and will wrapper jung g z was arrested as part of an investigation at a concert at the am pew theater. the wrapper's real name is jay jenkins and they were arrested at a concert in irving. they were serving search wants and found a -- warrants and found a rifle. 38-year-old eric johnson was shot multiple times back stable and the concert promoter died at the hospital and nobody has been -- nobody has been arrested at that shooting. if you love dogs, make sure you are sitting right here, the reason to really appreciate your four legged friend today. >> and we will tell you wham items stores are running low
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often and and what you need. we will tell you we had three after shocks and since 6:12 there has been nothing. female announcer: when you see this truck, female announcer: it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight
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. welcome back, they are reporting a series of after shocks in the napa area and the largest one hit, it was a 3.9, that is the strongest after shock and alex savage is up in napa and he is telling us many people ran out of their homes when the shaking started and he will have more coming up in our 7:00 hour. the after shocks are getting people to think about how prepared they are for the next disaster. janine de la vega joins us from san jose and some are even running low on supplies, janine? >> reporter: yes, you know i have been talking to people and so far nobody has felt any, they are too far away and we are asking if they had gone and got end an emergency kit and a lot of people don't have one
6:45 am
and they feel they should and times it takes a while for people to have a disaster like this to get prepared. popular items being brought propane, emergency kits and water filters and the cotton store is also seeing a boost in business. the american red cross in san jose, they have been getting dozens of phone calls of e- mails with people looking into the items with big quake -- what sort of items should people get when a big quake strikes. >> we don't have any candles and i am not prepared for an emergency. >> i am not prepared, i would probably just winning it. -- wink it. >> they advice to have an emergency kit with water and
6:46 am
toiletries. and also be prepared, other things to think about how to notify others you are safe and coming up with a meeting place incase of a disaster. ktvu channel 2 morning news. and time 6:45 the south napa quake is giving you a chance to learn about earthquakes in general they are spreading out all over the napa valley and looking at very crack in the earth and looking at permanent sensors in place and they are also bringing in some new sensor. >> we are installing this now getting a better idea of the after shocks and how they continue. >> that will help them determine how likely it is for an after shock and that's
6:47 am
determined as an after shock or greater. a heated argument on an airlines flight prompted an unscheduled landing. he was using this item, a knee defender. you attach it and it prevents the person in front of you from declining. he asked the man to take it down and the woman sitting in had front of him threw a cup of water on him. both the man and woman were kicked off the flight. here is a look at the stories you are looking at. this is starting in just a matter of weeks where shoppers will soon have to bring their own bags or pay up. it is a trillion dollar
6:48 am
cash cow and it can be turned into a profitable solution, those stories and more are being turned back. >> i knew you could. >> yes, i can, right now the commute looks good on highway 24 and right now it is only taking 8 minutes to drive and it is not going to stay this way for much longer, when you get there, traffic has improved just a little and it was really crowded about an hour later and it is still crowded but the drive time has gone down a little bit and now it is up to about 30. westbound 580 in livermore, southbound 680 is slow and we had an accident in the same
6:49 am
area. it really made the commute here very slow again and it is jam packed out of pleasanton all the way into fremont. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. >> you are welcome, a pretty picture, steve it what is it. >> low clouds stuck around for a long time today 74 and san rafael a cool 72 and 77 concord and palo alto 76 bumping up to 73 degrees and still low clouds around and the source of the cool down, the low is now this side of the sierra in central nevada and it's moving fast and taking away the cloud cover and getting a northerly breeze and yet, there is a still a
6:50 am
component and the delta breeze was howling and the key factor was moving it and this can be cool and it is cool for lakeport and they did get to 49 and calistoga at 53 which is chilly outside. loss altos and menlo park and usually there have been a lot of 60s, hurricane is weakening all sell rating 4-mile-per-hour high surf advisory coming up
6:51 am
and there spam one and has since backed off from that. looks like it is going to stay away from us. still and #0 the to the interior and coast and bay, water temperatures are very warm 64 degrees and warmer weather takes us to thursday, warm to hot by friday and it is still cooler by the weekend. there was yet another after shock which happened at 6:46 southwest of napa. we are tracking all of this for you. in the meantime coming up in the next hour, they were restrict willing constitutional rights but first we are closely watching a volcano and what
6:52 am
happened today and why there are concerns.
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. once again, we are starting breaking news reporting yet another after shock in the napa area 3.2 it is the latest in several after shocks this
6:55 am
morning and we are hearing from all over the bay area, they are feeling it and napa was the strongest since sunday 6.0 and almost 600 people have reported and they felt those after shocks this morning and it was felt as far away as san jose, walnut creek and they hit a volcano in iceland that is raising concerns and scientists think it is a result of the volcano causing a change in pressure. there is concern about an ash cloud which shut down most of the air space over europe for six days. and u.s. has begun flights which could pave the way for
6:56 am
isis militants. president barack obama has not yet approved military action inside syria but pentagon has been helping out including air strikes on isis from earlier this month. this is video and the building was evacuated after receiving a warning after that airstrike. it is in response to a continuing barrage of rockets fired from gaza. one hit a home in southern israel today and the latest comes after a cease-fire fell apart last week. mediators are still trying to get them back to the negotiating table. thousands of people in missouri, the unarmed teen shot and killed by the police officer and he is joined by
6:57 am
police officers and a church in st. louis. the family of dr. martin luther king, jr. and the parents of trayvon martin. the shooting triggered violent protests as well as other protests here in the bay area michael arnett the country. they still do not know if they will file charges against the police officer who killed michael brown. they will pay $900 million to play twitch. it is the largest arena as video gamers are considered a spectator sport. twitch is not that well-known and it's the th greatest
6:58 am
behind netflix, google and apple. room the movie came up as one of the most popular movies in the country. it gained more than $9 million during its first first weekend and galaxy came in as number one. still shaking following this weekend's earthquake, the many after shocks are already waking people up this morning. plus, an early morning fire in san francisco leaves nearly 2 dozen people without a home, stay with us, we will be right back.
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. this is a series of shocks rocking the wine country. also it hit during the massive recovery efforts in napa.


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